Recent OMG Papers & Pre-prints

  • Mechanical properties of ion-implanted tungsten-5wt% tantalum

    Armstrong, DEJ, Wilkinson, AJ, Roberts, SG
  • A microcantilever investigation of size effect, solid-solution strengthening and second-phase strengthening for 〈a〉 prism slip in alpha-Ti

    Gong, J, Wilkinson, AJ
  • Geometrically necessary dislocation density distributions in Ti-6Al-4V deformed in tension

    Littlewood, PD, Britton, TB, Wilkinson, AJ
  • Measurement of residual elastic strain and lattice rotations with high resolution electron backscatter diffraction.

    Britton, TB, Wilkinson, AJ
  • Micro-cantilever testing of a prismatic slip in commercially pure Ti

    Gong, J, Wilkinson, AJ
  • Assessment of lattice strain, rotation and dislocation content using electron back-scatter diffraction

    Wilkinson, AJ, IOP
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