Christopher Magazzeni



Christopher Magazzeni

Department of Materials 
University of Oxford 
Parks Road 
Oxford OX1 3PH

Tel: +44 1865 27###
Twitter: @CMMagazzeni

Christopher is working on small scale ultrasonic fatigue testing. The use of ultrasonics allows us to test to a million cycles in less than minute and even achieve giga-cycle testing in a day. This is vastly accelerated compared to traditional test methodologies.  The small test volumes, from sub-micron up to a few hundred microns across, is useful too since microstructures across such sizes can be characterised in detail before and after testing. It also allows testing of local features in a component that might not otherwise be testable in isolation.  

The particular focus for Christopher is in testing linear friction welds in Ti alloys.  In this solid state joining processes the heat affected zone is very narrow and quite dramatic microstructural changes occur over relatively small distances.  Christopher is also interested in materials produced via additive manufacturing routes.  

His research is industrially facing and he was awarded an Industrial Fellowship by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 to extend the reach of his project.