Dr Yevhen Zayachuk

yehven zayachuck

Dr Yevhen Zayachuk
Staff Scientist

Culham Centre for Fusion Energy


Email: yevhen.zayachuk@materials.ox.ac.uk

Yevhen was a Research Fellow in the OMG & MFFP teams during the period 2014-2019.  He is now at the Culham Centre for Fusion Power and continues to be a regular visitor and collaborator.   

His research while with OMG focused on localized mechanical properties of the constituents of SiC-SiC composites for nuclear applications (specifically in accident-tolerant fuel cladding). It involved micromechanical testing - microcantilever bending and nanoindentation - coupled with microstructural studies using a variety of microscopy techniques (SEM, (S)TEM, EBSD, TKD, EDX). 



Cantilever at the fiber-matrix interphase in the composite material.                                       STEM image of a region in the composite (left) and corresponding TKD orientation map.