Dr Yuanbo (Tony) Tang



Dr Yuanbo (Tony) Tang

Research Fellow
Department of Materials 
University of Oxford 
Parks Road 
Oxford OX1 3PH

Email: yuanbo.tang@materials.ox.ac.uk
Tel: +44 1865 27###

2015-2018 DPhil Researcher

Yuanbo joined the group from Imperial College to join the OMG team in 2015.  He worked on polycrystalline superalloys for application in high temperature regions of turbines.  His focus was on finding heat treatments that enable control of the formation of serrations on grain boundaries in these materials.  Yuanbo found that these serrations have beneficial effects on the high temperature creep response.  His project helped establish sound mechanistic understanding of both the formation of the serrations and their subsequent effects during creep.
Yuanbo has stayed in OxfordMaterials and moved on to a post-doc position within Prof Roger Reed's group. He is working on additive manufacturing of the next generation nickel-based superalloys.  

serrated boundaries