Research Facilities

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Electron Microscopy



GEMINI 2 column FEG-SEM with Bruker e–FlashHR EBSD system 
plus Optimus head for on-axis TKD

JEOL JSM6500F FEG SEM with Edax EBSD and EDS

Zeiss Crossbeam 540

FEG SEM/ FIB instrument with Oxford Instruments EBSD and EDS

Zeiss Auriga

FEG SEM/ FIB instrument

Zeiss Nvision40

FEG SEM/ FIB instrument


EBSD strain analysis software from BLGproductions



MTSG200 Nano-indenter

high load, and low load heads, continuous stiffness measurement, nanopositioning stage (AFM)

MTS Nano- indenter XP

high load, and low load heads, continuous stiffness measurement

MML Nanotest Extreme

high temperature 950 C nanoindenter in a vacuum chamber, heating to tip and sample

Mechanical Testing


2 Ultrasonic Fatigue Actuators

testing at 20kHz to gain access to very high cycle fatigue

1 Servo-Hydraulic Load Frames

ESH frame with Zwigg control system, and furnace and environmental chamber

Screw Driven Mechanical Load Frames

4 frames suitable for testing at loads from ~10N to ~10kN, with various furnaces, environmental chambers etc

Digital Image Correlation

LaVision Strainmaster software for 2D strain mapping, various cameras and optics for sample imaging including Questar QM100 long working distance microscope

Sample Preparation


'Kemet Lab'

Kemet Sponsored lab, to contain a range of Kemet/Metkon products, including: cut-off saw, slow saw, mounting press, grinding and polishing machines with auto-heads and media/lubricant despensers, ultrasonic cleaning bath, microhardness tester, and optical microscope